Inspired by a Vision

To sustain customers with quality products and service

To sustain growers with fair and transparent interactions

To sustain employees with a safe and high-spirited environment

To sustain surrounding communities through job creation and poverty alleviation initiatives

To satisfy shareholders with sustainable profits

To be the last mill crushing

Guided by our Core Values


We consciously build trust by being open, honest, and consistent in all that we do; we conduct business ethically.

Above the line

We proactively take ownership, accept responsibility, and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our individual contributions to our collective vision, values, and mission.

Continuous Improvement

We are curious, innovative, and keep up to date with world-class developments so we can continuously improve USM's systems and performance.


We listen attentively, we focus on the facts, and we respond concisely and promptly in the best interests of USM.



We put safety first. We collaborate to leverage our diversity and common purpose to set goals, achieve results and celebrate success. Our leaders are firm, fair, consistent, and respectful and our teams unite by 'walking our talk'.


Our Mission

- Compliance -
To conform to all legislation, with a focus on employee, food, and environmental safety.

- Cane quality -
To have the best cane quality amongst South Africa's coastal mills.

- Cane Crush -
To crush 1.3 million tons in 36 weeks with an LTA of less than 5%.

- Sugar Recovery -
To achieve a 93.5% sugar to RV ratio.

- Sugar Bagged -
To sell 80 000 tons of sugar at sustainable margins to satisfied customers.

- Cogeneration -
To export 19k MW hrs in 36 weeks and to unlock new expansion opportunities.

- Business Systems -
To systemise 5S, asset management, lean manufacturing, and automation.

- Knowledge Management -
Coaching, mentoring, training, and skills development.