A Short Snippet of Our Production Line
Cane supply comprises 1 250 000 tons in a “normal” climatic season of which 65% is produced on the Umfolozi flats and delivered on the narrow gauge railway. The balance of cane is delivered by road and includes approximately 120 000 tons delivered by Small Scale Growers, who comprise numerous plots of approximately 1.5 hectares. Potentially the mill is capable of crushing 1 400 000 tons of cane and there is every intention to grow the cane supply accordingly. The mill has a tippler system for the offloading of the trams and a spiller system for road deliveries. Cane is prepared by way of two cane knives and a shredder and extraction is carried out by using a DeSmet diffuser with twohree de-watering mills. Steam totaling 220 tons steam per hour is produced by three boilers and electricity is generated by two turbo alternator sets. Under “normal” conditions, USM produces approximately 135 000 tons of sugar per annum.
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